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Assalamualaikum to Miss Ummi and all my friends…

I think this is my last post to share with you about strategic management in this semester. I hope, we can continue share the knowledges in this blog at next time. Ok,, this last entry, I want to share about motivation and rewards. In my opinion, first and foremost, as we know in our life we also get the rewards from Allah when we have done a good thing or obligation. Same like in organization environment. When the employees have done a good work, give full commitment and hardworking in do their tasks that given to them, they also can get the rewards from their manager. For example, some manager have rewarded their employees by increases the worker’s salaries or offer the higher salary for them. So, indirectly the workers have motivated to improve their performance or tasks. Besides that, the most important is the employee engagement or loyal employees are central to achieve this goal. In other way, the manager must take the employee out from the indoor works. It means the manager must take the employees out for the outdoors activities of the company on a monthly or two times in one month.  For instance, the company does a dinner event, do a games sport in weekend and many more. So, the employees can reduce stress and release tension with much work in company by does join the outdoor activities. Other than that, the manager can recognize their employees with a certificate, plaque or trophy such as do an “INNOVATION AWARD” OR “GOOD WORKERS IN A MONTH”. So, for those that get the reward, they can feel passionate to work and grateful with the acknowledgement that the company give to them. One example of the organization that rewards their employees is MAYBANK. What I see, from the my brother-in-law experience, maybank have plan the ‘family day’ for their all staffs at the organization every year and when have a celebration, the top manager also give the ‘angpau’ or ‘duit raya’ to their staffs as a bonus. Sometimes, if the manager is from other races such as chinnese, they also give the ‘limau mandarin’ one box when chinnese new year’ to every staffs.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Assalamualaikum to miss ummi and my fellow friends..:)

In this week I have no lecture and tutorial. But we must answer the forum session in goals that miss ummi have given to us. In my opinion, I think a corporate culture can assist in executing in an organization by practicing and showing good an ethical bahaviors or good akhlak in company. For example,  responsibility, dicipline, respect each other among the co-workers from the bottom to top management, justice and many more. In addition, we also can follow the universalism and relativism principal such as if the company have many workers from the various race. So, we must think the suitable rules that all workers can follow it and accept. We must justice to all workers in this situation without irrespective of race. Sometimes the workers also must have a soft skill such as communication to handle a company or facing many customers. So, the customers feel are intrested to cooperation with their company and join venture. If I one of the top managers, the values that I would like to inculcate in my organization is to apply the islamic work ethics  and to create the islamic environment in the organization based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah that Allah and Our Prophet mentioned in that. Because as we know, Islam is beautiful and the way of life. So, as a muslim, we know and we must follow the Al-Quran because Allah have said many things in Al-Quran and related to all aspects in human life..

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Assalamualaikum to Miss Ummi and all my freinds..

Do you want to know what i have learnt in this week? Actually, i have study about corporate strategy: diversification and the multibusiness company. The meaning of word diversification various or in the business side it means as more industry in 1 company. There are 3 testing whether diversification adds value for shareholders. It consists, the attractiveness test, the cost of entry test and the better-off test. Besides that, we also have learnt about synergy. Do you know what is synergy? Synergy is defined as 1+1=3.

In addition, we also learn about intrapeneurship. In simple word, the meaning of the intrapeneurship is culture in the company. For example, every workers can give their idea to develop the new product. Ok, thats all what I can share about this topic.. Sorry if my post in this week very short because I have no idea to wrote.. 

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Assalamualaikum to all readers...

In this week, I want to share about five generic strategies. The five generic competitive strategies are:

Ø  Low-cost provider                                                        
Ø  Focused low-cost                                                        
Ø  Broad differentation 
Ø  Focused differentation
Ø  Best-cost provider

Some examples of firm that includes in the five categories are: 

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013


        In this week lecture, Tuesday-12 November 2013, we have a sharing session with the owner of O-SHIMA restaurants. The owner name’s is madam Asnida binti Yusof. She has opened the Japanese concept restaurants at area Klang Valley, Shah Alam and many more. The concept that she follows the Japanese concept such as the decoration of the restaurant and the most important is the Japanese dishes. In reality, not easy to businessman and businesswomen to start up their business. Same like madam Asnidar said, she also must face many challenges and obstacle to run their business. But she and her husband have a strong spirit and not give up to success in their business. For anyone, before we want to open the restaurants, we must think many factors. For instance, same like what we have learned about 5 competitive advantages. The entrepreneurs must care about 5 various factors in competitive advantages that’s include price, quality of product/ service, the strategic location, reputation/ brands and the unique factors/ knowledge.


You want to know? Why she and her husband have opportunity to open the restaurants? It is because she look many the restaurants that serve the Japanese food have a halal certificate but sometimes the owners of the restaurants is non-Muslims. So, she takes the opportunity to open their restaurants. Madam Asnida also said, what attract her to open the restaurants because she like eat, but her husbands like cooking. The strength of their company, they have served all the Japanese food with halal certificates and ingredients and she also makes the ingredients with home-made. So, the customers are interesting and very attractive to come at her restaurants. Thank you very much to miss Ummi because invite madam Asnida to share her experience opened the Japanese restaurant to all students. That’s all what I want to share in this week.  
Thank you…

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Assalamualaikum to all readers…
I’m sorry because I was too late to update a new post. Do you know what I have learned in last week? Actually, in last week I have learned about evaluating company’s resources, capabilities and competitiveness. Ok, now I want to share with you what I have learned. Firstly, I learn the best indicators of a well-conceived and well-executed strategy are the firm’s achieving its stated financial and strategic objectives. Second, the firm is an above-average industry performer. After that, there are 7 key functional strategies which are:

Besides that, do you know what the meaning of market leader? For example, the market leader of petroleum is SHELL. Other example, the market leader of instant noodle is MAGGI. In addition, a capability or competence is the capacity of a firm to perform and internal activity competently through deployment of a firm’s resources. In easy words, capability is how the company to utilize the resources that they have. A firm’s resources and capabilities represent its competitive assets and are big determinants of its competitiveness and ability to succeed in the marketplace. The VRIN tests for sustainable competitive advantage ask if a resource is: VALUABLE, RARE, INIMITABLE, and NON-SUSTAINABLE. Other than that, I also learn about SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is a powerful tool for sizing up a firm’s internal strengths (the basis for strategy), internal weaknesses (deficient capabilities), market opportunities (strategic objectives) and external threats (strategic defenses). 

A competence is defined as an activity that a firm has learned to perform with proficiency. In other words is a capability. Then, the concept of a company value chain is indentifies the primary activities and related support activities that create customer value. 

Lastly is benchmarking concept. It means a potent tool for improving a company’s own internal activities that is based on learning how other companies perform them and borrowing their “best practices”. Besides that, in strategic management principle, benchmarking is the costs of company activities against rivals provide hard evidence of whether a company is cost-competitive.
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Assalamualaikum to miss ummi and all my friends…JJ

Last week tutorial, we must do a task that given by Miss Ummi about competitive advantage activity: restaurants. After that, all groups must open a new restaurant and we must do a research about our direct and indirect competitor for new restaurant. For our groups, we think to open a new Korean restaurant. Then, our groups do an interview with three respondents who are 1 manager of a new restaurant and 2 regular customers for direct and indirect competitor restaurant. So, now you can follow the conversation between them…J

Interviewer: Assalamualaikum and very good morning. We meet again in the programme “walk walk search food”. Ok, today I will interview three persons who are the owner for a new restaurant and two persons who are the regular customers of the restaurant which are different concept for each restaurant. Ok, I starting with Miss Hafifah who is the owner of ‘KOYU RESTAURANT’. Can you describe your restaurant based on some factors such as price, location, reputation and the unique factors of your restaurant?

Miss Hafifah (owner): Thank you to interviewer. Ok, first of all, why I choose the koyu restaurant name because this is combination between Korean and Malayan foods. For our restaurant, the average price is between RM10-RM18. Secondly, the quality for our product or service is excellent. The location at KOMPLEKS SUKAN AIRPORT, NILAI. In our restaurant, the unique factors are we have a mix of dishes between Malayan and Korean food that is koyu set delight.

INTERVIEWER: Ok, thank you Miss Hafifah. How about you miss azureen as a regular customer of sushi king restaurant?

Miss Azureen: Thank you to interviewer. As a regular customer for sushi king restaurant, I think the average price at the restaurant is between RM8.90-RM35.90. The quality of product or service at sushi king is moderate. What I say moderate because the sushi king foods are not a Malayan people taste. But, the location of sushi king restaurant that I always go at GIANT, NILAI. It is because near with my house. What I see at the restaurant, I think the unique factors at the restaurant is they serve a Japanese food only such as mixed bento.

INTERVIEWER: Ok, thank you Miss Azureen. How about you Miss Munirah as a regular customer of mama’s restaurant?

Miss Munirah: Thank you to interviewer. As a regular customer for MAMA RESTAURANT, I think the average price at the restaurant is between RM4-RM10. The quality of product or service at MAMA RESTAURANT is good. What I say good because at the MAMA RESTAURANT all food are suitable with my taste or another customers. The location of MAMA RESTAURANT that I always go at ACACIA, NILAI.  But the restaurants have many branches such as at FEM and DESA JATI. It is because the owner is excellent to take the opportunity. What I see at the restaurant, I think the unique factors at the restaurant is they serve many eastern foods such as nasi kerabu, nasi kukus ayam berempah and many more. That’s all. Thank you.

INTERVIEWER: Ok, thank you to Miss Hafifah, Miss Azureen and Miss Munirah for spend your time in our programme. See you next time…